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This page is for "internal" activities — directed to members of local Christian Science churches, CSMC or JMRR representatives, and similar C.S. activities in the Washington Metro area.

  • Reading Room posters — a series of large posters designed for Reading Room windows. Download them and get them printed locally.
  • Representatives' forum (Bulletin board) — Includes newsletters, meeting minutes, document templates, and more. Note that you can browse some areas anonymously, but to see all of them or to make postings, you'll need to register with a valid e-mail address.
  • Mailing lists — sign up for mailings about upcoming Sentinel Radio or El Heraldo broadcasts and more
  • Changes to Church/Reading Room listings: please e-mail details to the Webmaster.
  • Events: submit information on lectures and other public events for listing on this website.
  • Lecture history — see which lectures have been given in our area in the recent past.

We are eager to expand this area of the web site to serve the needs of local churches and related activities. For suggestions and comments, or for requests to add new forums or other functionality, please contact Tom Gutnick or e-mail the Webmaster.


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